Registered Exhibitor Forms and Deadlines

These are all fillable PDFs that you can fill out, save and email to us at OR you can print and fax to 303.429.0658 if you prefer.

Wedding Show Welcome Packet/Show Details

BRIDESCAN (optional, due immediately)

If you used BrideScan in the last show, please bring back your App Suite to the next show (your lanyards and sign containing your unique QR Code).

Represent BRIDESCAN in Your Booth

  1. Wear your BrideScan lanyards with your QR Code at all times during the show. This way you do not have to breakaway from conversation to let the bride scan your code.
  2. Display your framed QR code in a highly visible place in your booth.


  1. BRIDESCAN is not meant to replace the face-to-face interaction that wedding shows offer. Your ultimate goal is to book contracts and set up consultations! BRIDESCAN is an additional way to capture leads at the show, but is not meant to be the ONLY way.
  2. It is not a competition to see which vendor gets the most scans; your goal should be to capture as many brides who would be a great fit for your company’s brand and personality. Think quality, not quantity!
  3. Follow up with the qualified leads who scanned you BEFORE the master lead list is sent out. We recommend sending a more personal email to the brides who scanned you since you more than likely spent more time with them than other couples.
  4. Do not be afraid to initiate a scan. If you can tell that a couple is interested in your services, but does not want to commit to booking on the spot or setting up a consultation, say something like... “I can see that you are interested but not ready to commit to booking or setting up a consultation, would you be willing to let me contact you later next week?” For complete BRIDESCAN information, see

Questions/Issues with Your BrideScan Account

If you have any questions regarding your BrideScanaccount, please contact us at 208-921-9742.
Day of show issues? Come to the ticket counter and ask for Tom or Erin.

The Floor Plan

Please send the following information to

  • 300-400 word business description
  • JPEG attachments of one photo and your business logo, also JPEG
  • Your business email address
  • Web address and social media links


When emailing your submissions, please put your BUSINESS NAME in the subject line:

Subject: Web Listing Info for "Your Business Name"

Your listing could take up to a week to go live. Once it goes live, it will be up for 12 months.

REQUIRED: Idaho Tax Commission ST-124 Form
( Due IMMEDIATELY . Seriously. Do this now. I don't want to have to hunt you down.)

Once you fill this out online, you will receive an email instructing you to return a printed version of your ST-124 form. EVERYONE MUST COMPLETE ALL STEPS REQUIRED BY THE STATE EVEN IF YOU SELL NOTHING AT THE SHOW.

Boise Centre Guidelines (some light reading in your spare time!)

REQUIRED: Health Department Forms

The License Application is REQUIRED for all exhibitors serving or selling food. Due IMMEDIATELY.

Email completed form by November 1st to: AND

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