August 2017

August 1, 2017

Saying that winter in Idaho is cold is like saying the sky is blue.  But don't let cold temperatures derail your winter wedding.  You too can have a high fashion, beautiful wedding on a budget by taking a cue from the dreadful weather outside.

1.  Bring the outdoors, indoors

There are, no doubt, plenty of bare branches outside.  Combine twisted willow branches with traditional flowers to extend your floral budget.  They add dramatic height and interest for little or no cost and last forever.  Or forgo traditional flowers in favor of a combination of bare branches, faux crystal Christmas ornaments (can you say after-Christmas clearance?), and strings of pearls in tall vases for a chic, elegant centerpiece.  Best part about these arrangements?  They can be done weeks or months in advance of the big day.

2.  Use Winter As Your Color Theme

The most iconic winter landscapes provide the trendiest of color palettes.  Using grays and whites in your color theme reflect what everyone wishes winter looked like while creating an affordable backdrop for your ceremony and reception.  In many cases, white linens and dishes are considerably less expensive than colors.  White flowers are more readily available in winter months than their color counterparts.  White also reflects light, giving you the opportunity to use strands of lights throughout your venue to give it an ethereal feeling.  The best part of using a basic color palette is that pops of color can be used to accent the scene.  Table runners, candles, flowers, or place cards in your signature color will stand out more on the monochromatic background that winter provides.

3.  Be Creative With Your Venue

Winter means many summer venues are available.  Consider holding your wedding at the nearby nature conservancy, aviary, or zoo.  Many traditionally "summer" locations offer steep discounts for winter events and still provide the indoor spaces necessary for the comfort of your guests.  Even better, you get to experience the beauty of the outdoors from the comfort and warmth of indoor spaces.

Whether it's a January soiree or a December bash, don't let winter discourage you from having the winter Idaho wedding of your dreams.  Use the season to your advantage and you too can be the happiest Idaho bride ever!

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