July 2017

July 1, 2017

The challenge with planning your dream wedding: you won't know if you've gotten it just right until the big day. That's when little mistakes can spiral out of control and turn a dream wedding into a hot mess. Here are five issues that you might think are "no big deal" a month before the day, but can generate chaos by the time you walk the aisle:

Giving Too Many Jobs to One Person

You have friends and family who want to help, that's great. Just make sure that you don't give any one person too many jobs, even if they assure you that they can handle it. Even if they wind up being able to DJ, emcee, usher, and serve as a bridesmaid, the best case scenario is that they're too busy to enjoy the wedding that they helped to orchestrate.

Extensive Planning Before You've Even Written the Guest List

You don't know how many people are going to be there, so don't start ordering 130 plates from the caterer just yet.

Selecting the Venue Last

It's a good idea to start by browsing venues. It's much easier to design a wedding around a specific venue than it is to design your wedding, and then try to find a venue to match.

Falling in Love With One Specific Flower

Flowers are sort of unpredictable. Your floral arranger might not be able to get their hands on 700 pink carnations if they're just not blooming in the days leading up to your wedding. Be flexible, and keep a few backup flowers in mind.

Totally DIY Weddings

The only kind of DIY wedding that really works is elopement. If you plan on having any sort of guests present at all, if it's going to be an event, then working as your own planner and hostess and baker and caterer is going to mean spending your wedding running back and forth to make sure that everyone except you is having a good time. If you want to be proactive and put in some extra work, do it at the office. "Getting married" should be the only job you give yourself on your wedding day.

None of these missteps seem like that big a deal when you're first dreaming up your wedding, but given time, they'll balloon into a whole host of issues that complicate your wedding day, and you'll never even see them coming. Plan thoroughly, ask for help when you need it, and keep in mind that anything as big as a wedding plan is going to demand a bit of flexibility, and you can avoid being blindsided on the big day.

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