May 2017

May 9, 2017

12 months

  • Purchase Brides Engagement ring - know her size!
  • Talk money - decide the division of financial obligations & set your budget.
  • Compile Guest list
  • Check marriage license requirements - see Idaho marriage laws here
  • Decide on Wedding Budget with Brides Family
  • Start planning your honeymoon
  • Select Bestman and ushers
  • Set appointment with Officiant
  • Update passport and visas

5 months

  • If moving, find a new place to live
  • Make reservations for honeymoon
  • Select wedding rings
  • Shop for honeymoon clothing
  • Update Medical exams and immunization records
  • With Fiance decide on Bridal Registry
  • What are the groomsmen wearing - decide and reserve
  • Plan bachelor party

2 months

  • Buying your tux? Schedule final fitting and make sure it fits
  • Apply for Marriage License
  • Confirm all honeymoon itineraries
  • Make reservations for rehearsal dinner
  • Pick-up wedding rings and have them engraved
  • Plan wedding date itinerary with bride
  • Purchase gift for your bride
  • Purchase gifts for your ushers & groomsmen
  • Reserve accommodations for out-of town guests
  • Reserve Limousines or other transportation for yourself and the bridal parties

2 weeks

  • Get your teeth cleaned
  • Move your personal belongings to your new home
  • Purchase travel checks

1 week

  • Confirm rehearsal dinner with restaurant as well as wedding party
  • Give final guest count to reception
  • Get a haircut
  • Get a manicure - no polish, just clean and buffed, and yes men do this all the time
  • New boxers - purchase something new to surprise your bride
  • Pack for honeymoon

2 Days Before

  • Pick up tuxedo rentals, check to make sure that all elements are included (jacket, trousers, shirt, tie, vest, shoes, cuff links and dress socks)
  • Prepared Officiant fee in an envelope and assign to Bestman

The Day of

  • Shave - make it close
  • Remember your deororant
  • Secure the rings in your pocket
  • Get your boutonniere - best to have your mom or mother-in-law do so
  • Final instruction to Officiant if any
  • Breath mints - go in the other pocket
  • Hearty breakfast - be sure you don't get hungry
  • Relax! Be ready for your bride's entrance

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