August 2016

August 15, 2016

In the past few years, many brides have sought to recreate their very own version of the royal wedding of Princess Kate and Prince William. Other brides have turned to Pinterest boards for inspiration during the process of planning for their wedding. Every year, different wedding trends become incredibly popular among couples. Here are the most popular wedding trends of 2016.
Metallic Decor

One popular wedding trend of 2016 is the use of metallics. Surprisingly, metallics are very versatile for the purposes of decoration. Some examples of metallic decorations include the use of copper lanterns for an outdoor reception and the use of gold wedding bells as table decor. Metallic decorations can be ethereal, elegant, natural, or whimsical. Evident by the popularity of the new rose gold Macbook and iPhone, rose gold is an incredibly popular color, especially among women. Unsurprisingly, rose gold is popping up in the vast majority of weddings, no matter the theme or venue.
Long, Rectangular Tables

Traditionally, couples have used large, round tables for the reception layout. However, many couples have noted that the use of such tables tend to make receptions feel more like a conference event. As a result, more and more couples are opting for the use of long, rectangular tables for a more intimate vibe. Other couples use both long tables and smaller round and square tables. For after-party and cocktail hours, couples are resorting to entire lounge areas.
In-Season Flowers

In the past, couples would opt for traditional wedding flowers like roses, tulips, and the calla lily. However, a popular wedding trend for 2016 is the use of in-season and local flowers for arrangements. Some couples choose to request a "wild look" for their flower arrangements. The "wild look" refers to arrangements with freshly picked flowers with blossoms of different sizes and colors. Fruiting vines and spiky flowers may be used for the arrangements.
Food as Decor

Another popular wedding trend of 2016 is the use of food as decor. Many couples are asking their florists to use elements like fragrant herbs and coffee beans for garlands and centerpieces. Smaller fruits and vegetables are also used as colorful decor for weddings.

Without a doubt, this year has seen many new wedding trends. If you're planning an Idaho wedding of your own for this year, you should consider the trends discussed above and consider adding your own personal touch.

August 1, 2016

If you are an Idaho bride planning a New Year’s Eve wedding there are a few things you want to keep in mind. Such as the following:

    You will have competing parties to deal with
    You have to find a way to keep your guests entertained until midnight, so you can celebrate the New Year with them
    Don’t lose sight of the fact that even though it is New Year’s Eve it is also your wedding day/night

Save The Date

It is very important that you let your guests know well in advance that you are getting married on New Year’s Eve, so they don’t make other plans. Have save the date cards printed and sent out at least 6 to 8 months before your wedding. Depending on where your wedding reception will be held – for example, with a hotel you run the risk of the hotel selling out all their rooms in advance. The banquet room may also be booked for a corporate party. So, you must plan early.


Next, you don’t want to have your ceremony and reception in the afternoon, you will be hard pressed to keep your guests around for that long. An evening wedding is ideal – if the ceremony is at 7pm, by the time the ceremony is over and the pictures have been taken it will be close to 9pm just in time for a late dinner. In addition, spread the traditional wedding events out over the course of a few hours to help you make it to midnight. Things such as the following:

    Your first dance
    Dancing with the guests (dollar dance)
    Bouquet toss


Don’t forget to book a venue with a large screen TV, if the hall does not have one you will need to bring one. You don’t want to miss the ball drop.

While you're waiting for midnight, you need to keep your guests entertained. Make sure you have an open bar, DJ, a live band (preferably a popular local one, that your guests will be excited to see perform.) Also, you need to find ways to engage the guests maybe a karaoke machine or a dance contest, offer a prize.


You may have a hard time decorating for your New Year’s Eve Wedding, remember when you are selecting your decorations that you want a semi equal amount of theme decorations and New Year’s Eve decorations. In other words, don’t forget the poppers, even hats and noise makers for when the ball drops. You can also fill nets with balloons and confetti and have someone cut them down (connect them together, so they all fall at the same time.) Use New Year’s Eve paper or large banners to keep them hidden.

If you follow the tips above your New Year’s Eve wedding will be a night to remember.

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