July 2016

August 1, 2016

If you are an Idaho bride planning a New Year’s Eve wedding there are a few things you want to keep in mind. Such as the following:

    You will have competing parties to deal with
    You have to find a way to keep your guests entertained until midnight, so you can celebrate the New Year with them
    Don’t lose sight of the fact that even though it is New Year’s Eve it is also your wedding day/night

Save The Date

It is very important that you let your guests know well in advance that you are getting married on New Year’s Eve, so they don’t make other plans. Have save the date cards printed and sent out at least 6 to 8 months before your wedding. Depending on where your wedding reception will be held – for example, with a hotel you run the risk of the hotel selling out all their rooms in advance. The banquet room may also be booked for a corporate party. So, you must plan early.


Next, you don’t want to have your ceremony and reception in the afternoon, you will be hard pressed to keep your guests around for that long. An evening wedding is ideal – if the ceremony is at 7pm, by the time the ceremony is over and the pictures have been taken it will be close to 9pm just in time for a late dinner. In addition, spread the traditional wedding events out over the course of a few hours to help you make it to midnight. Things such as the following:

    Your first dance
    Dancing with the guests (dollar dance)
    Bouquet toss


Don’t forget to book a venue with a large screen TV, if the hall does not have one you will need to bring one. You don’t want to miss the ball drop.

While you're waiting for midnight, you need to keep your guests entertained. Make sure you have an open bar, DJ, a live band (preferably a popular local one, that your guests will be excited to see perform.) Also, you need to find ways to engage the guests maybe a karaoke machine or a dance contest, offer a prize.


You may have a hard time decorating for your New Year’s Eve Wedding, remember when you are selecting your decorations that you want a semi equal amount of theme decorations and New Year’s Eve decorations. In other words, don’t forget the poppers, even hats and noise makers for when the ball drops. You can also fill nets with balloons and confetti and have someone cut them down (connect them together, so they all fall at the same time.) Use New Year’s Eve paper or large banners to keep them hidden.

If you follow the tips above your New Year’s Eve wedding will be a night to remember.

July 1, 2016

Getting married on a budget, doesn't mean you have to sacrifice the quality of your wedding. The first thing to do is set the budget, be realistic in what you can spend in total. Throughout the process, you will be able to make adjustments. For example, if you find a venue that is less than you anticipated, you can use your savings elsewhere, on something you previously cut out or you can spend more on an item that you originally set a low price for, such as the flowers. If you following these tips and stick to your budget, you can have the wedding of your dreams without going in debt.

Wedding Dress

When it comes to spending more than what you budgeted for, the wedding dress is usually the budget breaker. It is easy to get out of control, but if you stick to your budget and shop wisely, you can find the perfect dress and stay within budget. Consider going to events, such as the Idaho bridal show to get ideas on the type of dress you would like to wear. Although it isn't uncommon to find the perfect dress within your budget at an Idaho wedding show, even if you don't find your dress there, you will have an idea of what style you like. In many situations, brides on a budget wear the dress worn by a parent, grandparent or other family member, which will save you money that can be spent elsewhere on the wedding.

The Venue

There are several ways to save money on a venue. For example, getting married during a time outside of “wedding season”, which is typically June and on a day other than Saturday. When considering the venue, having an approximate guest list in mind will help you select a location that isn't too large, which may cost more. You may also want to consider having the ceremony and reception in a non-traditional location, such as on the beach, in a park or even in the yard of a family member.

Reception Food & Drinks

A buffet is typically less expensive than a catered, sit-down meal. The ultimate way to save on food and drinks is to provide your own. Ask family and friends to help prepare the meal, supply the beverages on your own and ask family to help with the cleanup afterwards.

Wedding Flowers

The wedding flowers can end up costing you thousands of dollars, but with some careful planning you can easily cut the cost down to a few hundred dollars or less and still have stunning floral arrangements. Transport the flowers from the wedding ceremony to the reception. This will not only save money, but provide some of the decorations for the reception. Choose flowers that are in season and shop locally to save even more.

To stay within budget, try to do as much of the decorations as possible on your own. Choose a theme and get creative with making the decorations. Ordering large centerpieces for each table can get expensive, instead make simple, but elegant centerpieces yourself. For example, if you want flowers on every table, instead of large floral arrangements, shop at discount stores for inexpensive vases for a  single flower and greenery for the tables. Consider making the favors as well. For example, enlist family to help you bake cookies, pack them in a decorative containers and use as favors.

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