June 2016

June 1, 2016

Unplugged weddings are becoming exceptionally popular for both practical and whimsical reasons. In an "unplugged" wedding, guests must avoid using technology throughout the entire wedding and reception. This includes smartphones, tablets, and -- yes -- cameras. An unplugged wedding often becomes a more memorable experience for both the marrying couple and the guests.

Advantages to an Unplugged Wedding

Modern unplugged weddings originated for a very simple reason: guests kept ruining the moment. It's not that bridesmaids were checking Facebook -- though that does happen. It's that aunts and uncles were jumping into professionally staged shots to grab blurry photos with their iPad. Multiply this among dozens of guests and many weddings found that they didn't have a single photo that didn't include the glow of a screen. An unplugged wedding both maintains the focus on the celebration and ensures that thousands of dollars of wedding photography don't go to waste. Some photographers have become so frustrated with the amateur photography trend that they actually offer discounts for unplugged weddings.

Notifying Guests of Your "Unplugged" Theme

An unplugged wedding should always be explained both before and during the wedding. Wedding invitations and reminders should include a note to guests asking for their polite respect -- and when guests actually enter the wedding and the reception, there should be a placard notifying them of e "unplugged" request. The more friendly and polite the request is, the more likely it is to be followed!

Enforcing an Unplugged Wedding

Of course, no one wants to be the bad guy at their own wedding. Often it falls to the bridesmaids and groomsmen to make sure that guests are following the unplugged restrictions. A simple tap on the shoulder and gentle reminder should be enough for most guests. Some weddings actually outsource their enforcement to  their photographer -- but that's only considered to be polite if the photographer actually offers this service. But if one or two guests start ignoring you, don't worry too much. Photographers are very skilled at framing their photos to avoid such people; it only becomes a problem when the entire wedding and reception is trying to snag a photo.

If you're worried that your wedding photos may get ruined by technology, an unplugged wedding might be ideal for you. An unplugged wedding also improves socializing throughout your reception, ultimately making your wedding more fun and exciting for those involved.

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