March 2016

March 15, 2016

Every bride wants to be beautiful on their big day. As such, a lot of thought goes into the dress. But just as much thought should go into the accessories, such as the ones worn in the hair. This may include items such as veils, tiaras and birdcage hairpieces. if you enjoy being a trendsetter, you may be looking toward modern and trendy pieces, rather than classic ones. Learning about what hair accessories are trendy can help you decide which hair accessory you should wear on your big day.

Bridal Hair Vines

One of the hottest bridal hair trends in 2016 is expected to be a bridal hair vine. A bridal hair vine is similar to an elastic headband with lots of jeweled or floral pieces on it. This gives a regal, feminine look for any bride while still being subtle. The bridal hair vine is replacing tiaras, as it isn't as heavy on the head. Deco art pieces are very popular, as is gold, so consider these tips if a bridal hair vine appeals to you.

Statement Side Combs

Statement side combs have been popular bridal hair accessories for a few years now, and this trend is expected to continue this year. These hair combs give just a hint of bling, without being overbearing. They are perfect for the subtle bride who doesn't want to overdo it. This year, enamel and colored statement side combs are expected to be more trendy than the typical jeweled pieces. Enamel pieces in floral designs add a pop of color and style to a bride's hair.

Bridal Hat

If a traditional veil is too traditional for your tastes, you may want to consider a bridal hat. This bridal trend is expected to take over the trend of bridal birdcage hair pieces. This hat has a small face-length veil attached to it, giving you the effect of a veil. However, it is short and the hat is easy to remove once your ceremony is over. These hats are typically pill box style hats, making them retro and chic, yet trendy and stylish.

As an Idaho bride, you have many decisions to make in regards to your wedding day. One decision you will need to make is what bridal hair accessory to wear. In addition to this, you will have to select a venue, caterer, photographer and entertainment, just to name a few things. If you are on the fence about some of these items, attending an Idaho bridal show or Idaho wedding show may give you ideas or help you select the items that make sense for your wedding.

March 1, 2016

Spring is the time of year when the days start to get longer, the trees begin to bloom, and the weather gets warmer.  So what better time to plan a wedding than when things are starting to get greener?  If you enjoy the idea of a summer wedding, but don’t enjoy competing with four other wedding parties for that one perfect Saturday, then holding your wedding in the Spring is a perfect alternative, provided you do your homework before putting down those nonrefundable deposits.

Plan for the Weather

Yes, spring does bring nicer weather with it.  But it doesn’t mean that winter is a distant memory.  Along with the risk of a freak April snowstorm, you may also have to contend with spring rain showers and temperatures that are still on the cool side.  When looking at venues, you might check out some that offer both indoor and outdoor options, and work out with the venue what happens in the event of inclement weather.  When packing for the wedding, toss in a cute pair of rain boots or an umbrella in your favorite color, just in case you want to get those lovely outdoor photos during a drizzle.

Experiment With Color

Yes, white is the traditional color for weddings.  And yes, pastels are popular in weddings, especially in spring.  But who’s to stop you from incorporating other colors?  Make a statement at your wedding by bringing in shades of color that offset those lovely spring pastels, like a deep chocolate brown with a mint green, or a latte hue with light blue.  Just remember to keep your color palette simple for an elegant look.

Book Things Early!

As with summer, spring wedding weekends book up fast.  You might want to look at venues, catering, and other options as soon as you decide on a spring wedding, especially if you’re looking at a weekend followed by a Monday holiday.  Once you find that venue you’re in love with, make sure to secure your date with a deposit so you lock in your day; many venues will allow this even if your other details (colors, flowers, etc.) aren’t worked out yet.

Think Outside the Box on Favors

Tired of silver photo frames and other trinkets for wedding favors?  Why not give something that evokes spring?  You might give each guest a small package of seeds for their garden, or a tiny sapling version of your favorite tree, or even a flower bulb that represents your wedding flowers, like tulips or lilies.  That way, guests can plant them in their yard and remind themselves of your special day when the flowers finally bloom.

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