December 2015

December 15, 2015

Nowdays couples are becoming more creative to celebrate their special day. Meticulous planning, multiple (and sometimes hard to choose) options, and various decisions all play a part in constructing the ideal wedding.

Brides and Grooms who decide to have an Idaho wedding are sure to be please with their first major choice. However, weddings are more than just a traditional celebration in a church setting.

This is why we believe that having a DIY (Do It Yourself) wedding is a great selection for adventurous couples. Here are a few key important points to making this dream become a reality.


The most important purpose of any DIY event is to display your personality. In this case, wedding couples are able to be as quirky, serious, whimsical, and/or as eclectic as you want to be. Brides-to-be have free range to letting their imagination run wild.

As an Idaho bride, you are able to have your dream wedding happen anywhere, with any theme in your mind and become one experience you will never forget.

Location and Scenery

We all know how beautiful the scenery of Idaho looks during wedding season. One location in particular that is a prime and natural work of mother nature is the Idaho Botanical Garden. No matter if you are looking for a small intimate gathering or a large jamboree including family and friends, the Idaho Botanical Garden accompanies 10-150 people.

Wedding Photographers

Your wedding day is something you will cherish and love for the rest of your life. It is one thing to remember in your mind, yet another to have photos to post in your home and share with family and friends. Choosing your photographer does not have to be a hard decision. Idaho is home to professional, talented, well-spoken, and highly skilled local wedding photographers for you to choose from. Join us at the Boise Wedding Party Show on January 9th and 10th to visit with our photographers for more ideas.

December 1, 2015

One of the most memorable days of our existence, wedding ceremonies create some of the most picture perfect moments of one's lifetime. A day in which we are actually encouraged to look our absolute best and to monopolize the spotlight, wedding photos often become closely held mementos to be cherished for a lifetime. That said, there is also something to be said about the social media movement and the fact that camera phones allow your awesome, but non-professional, photographer friends and family to not only take unflattering photos but also to post them online for the whole world to see. Need a way to keep camera phones at bay? Keep reading. 

5. Strictly Forbid Cameras 

The first tip to help prevent your guests from snapping cell phone photos is to explicitly state that "CAMERA PHONES ARE NOT ALLOWED!" at the wedding and/ or reception. Although this will likely be an unpopular request, informing them of your "no cell phone" policy will prevent them from complaining or claiming ignorance later. Moreover, most will simply oblige, given that they were informed beforehand and don't want to upset the bride. 

4. Use Ushers as "Enforcers"

Next, you will use your ushers to enforce this policy. By having several ushers constantly patrolling the crowd for potential offenders, those who were considering snapping a sneak flick will most likely think again. 

3. Keep Someone on "Social Media Duty"

Make sure you have everyone's social media handles and task someone with monitoring everyone's social media activity. This way, if someone does sneak a picture and post it online, you can then ask that they remove it. 

2. Create (Playful) Consequences 

Nobody likes a tyrant, but it's still your day! By threatening to have their infraction blasted over the loudspeaker or even to post an unflattering photo of said person, you will deter many from violating your rules, for fear of embarrassment.  

1. Rent a Photo Booth 

People love their selfies! In order to encourage your attendees from using their own cell phones, rent a photo booth and allow your guests to snap some photos during the reception that they can take with them when they leave. 

Overall, in an age in which everything hits social media before it even hits us, keeping your photos offline can be a difficult task. Nevertheless, if you follow these tips and tricks, you are well on your way to having the camera phone-free wedding of your dreams!

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