October 2015

October 26, 2015

Being a part of an industry that helps people celebrate love is a wonderful experience and being in Idaho makes it even better. Professionals all over the state are starting to take bookings for next season and couples are beginning to think of colors, venues, music, food and flowers. There are plenty of top 10 wedding lists on the internet and most of them have great advice, but I hope to shed a little light on some things specific to Idaho wedding planning that might not be on those others.  So here we go, the top 10 things every couple should know about an Idaho wedding

1)      We are an agrarian state. Take advantage. Fill you menu with local ingredients and explore the season in which you are getting married. Idaho berries are beautiful in June and grilled Steelhead for your September menu is sure to be delicious. Food is best when it is freshest and Idaho has the ability to offer an incredible variety. Trust me your guests will love it and your caterer will appreciate it too.

2)      Wine and Beer! Need I say more? But think about it. In Boise alone there are over 20 breweries and our wine industry is already being compared to Washington’s and California’s. When a friend of mine came to my wedding from back east he was blown away with the quality of the local beer and wine. Take pride in what Idaho has to offer and show your guests that Idaho knows is way around barrels.

3)      Trust your vendors. If you want your home state to shine through at your wedding ask us questions.  Ask your florist if Idaho wild flowers will last in a bouquet. Ask your baker if that huckleberry filling will be in season. The answer might be no but we can suggest something to replace it that might end up even better. We are just as proud of our state as you are and nothing makes us happier or more confident in what we do, as when a couple trusts us to do our best.

4)      Idaho weather is a fickle mistress. I was married in March 2012 and it was 75 and sunny, my friend was married at the end of May 2010 and it snowed. This year the middle of June was 108. Have a back up tent in case of random rain, or have your program printed on fans if you know the sun will be shining in all its burning glory. Outdoor weddings are popular here but check out a farmer’s almanac before nailing down a date if there are weather trends or temperatures you know you don’t want to deal with.

5)      Bugs, bugs, and more bugs. If you have an outdoor wedding here remember those little wedding crashers that can be a nuisance but will be inevitable. Ask if your venue sprays to keep the mosquitos down or if you can hang wasp traps. Go check it out, if you can, the week before to see if the flies are bad.  Venues do their best to keep the wilderness at bay but be prepared to help your guests be comfortable. I have been to plenty of Idaho weddings where bug spray had been available. Local guests will appreciate it and out-of-towners will catch on quick.

6)      Outdoor Idaho can drastically affect your dessert. Your buttercream cake or cupcakes will melt in temperatures above 75 degrees. Double check with your venue to see if they have a cool place to keep it, or work out a time with your baker to deliver closer to the reception time. It will not last until 8pm if it is delivered and set up on the table at 4pm. And those pesky wedding crashers from number 5 love sugar. The safest way to keep flies and bees off your desserts is to keep it inside or covered as long as possible. Talk with your baker about this. They don’t want bugs on their creation as much as you do and they will know the best ways to keep this from happening.

7)      Out of town guests won’t know what hit them when they get here. Idaho is beautiful and has lots to offer. When you are building you wedding website or talking to guests coming in let them know there is a lot to do. Chances are they are coming in for the weekend so give them something to explore. Link to the wine or brew tour, or have a map of the greenbelt available. Very few cities have a river you can float down running through the middle of it. Tell them to catch a Shakespeare play if they can. Take the sunset lake cruise on the Payette or Coeur D’Alene lakes. Idaho was meant to be shared.

8)      I highly suggest hiring a day of coordinator at the very least. This will make your life ten times easier. And as a vendor it gives us someone to call that is not you, not your fiancÚ, and definitely not your mom if some emergency happens on the big day. We love doing this, especially in Idaho, and we work hard to make your big day perfect, but we also know that there are certain risks involved with this lovely state.  Especially on those awesome mountain roads. So keep that in mind when you are budgeting. Trust me you will thank me in the end.

9)      Talk to your fiancÚ. I know people say that most grooms don’t really want to be involved but I have found every one has something they feel strongly about. I thought cutting the cake was not a big deal but my husband really wanted a cutting ceremony because it was his grandmother’s favorite part. This is a day for you both and communication is key, not only for this, but for the rest of your lives together. So think of it as practice for what’s to come. You both will be happier for it.

10)   Remember that this day is ultimately about your love for one another. Things will get stressful and tears will be shed in this process. Don’t get caught up in the little things. You’re from Idaho and we roll with the punches here. If it snows in May, you’re still getting married to your best friend. If flies are all over the dessert table, you’re still committing yourselves to each other forever. If a rockslide blocks the road and everything is pushed back 2 hours, you’re still starting a life together with your perfect love.

You’re getting married and you’re getting married in one of the greatest states in the nation. Ok, ok, I might be a little biased, but if you take the time to explore and understand your state, and you will find a perfect Idaho wedding is waiting just around the corner.

~ Margaux Reed

Le Bisou Bakery


October 15, 2015

In the past, the traditional three-tier wedding cake was all the rage. Now, brides are exploring new and innovative ways to express themselves, that includes creating cakes that are unique and one of a kind. When a bride chooses a theme for their Idaho wedding, many choose an outdoor settings. Whether the bride opts for a camo theme or a simple, laid back country style wedding, the cake is often the crowning glory of the reception. It says quite a bit about the bride's style and how she perceives herself.

Visiting the Boise Wedding Party Show will give you many new ideas, as to how brides across the country are creating new and exciting wedding cakes. Idaho wedding show designers are using three basic types to create several different and unique cakes for almost any theme or occasion. 

  • Traditional tier - A traditional tier cake does not have to be completely traditional. It's all in the decorations and how they are placed. The traditional tier can be transformed from a dull ordinary cake to a mountain, complete with streams, foliage and wildlife. The options are endless.
  • Sheet - Traditional sheet cakes can be left flat to make unique farm scenes or they can be cut and formed to create almost any shape, form or scene. With the use of fondant and special modeling tools, literally any type of creation is possible.
  • Cupcakes - If a bride is having a small, simple, no-fuss wedding and does not want a large, flamboyant cake, she can opt for one of the newest and most creative ways to celebrate. Cupcakes can be placed together to form a large design or set on platforms to create a tiered look.
  • Combination - Many brides decide to use a combination of cakes. A small tier can be used for the bridal party. A sheet cake can be used for the guests and a cupcake cake can be made for the children. All of the cakes carry the same theme and are arranged to create a eye catching display.

Wedding cakes can be created for almost any type of Idaho wedding. The bride's creativity is the only limit when it comes to creating a wedding masterpiece. Fondant, decorations and ingenuity make almost anything possible.

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