June 2015

June 15, 2015

If you’re planning an Idaho wedding for this summer, you’ll want to know about the most beautiful wedding floral trends. From venue decorations to wedding bouquets, here’s a look at some of the hottest floral trends Idaho brides will want to check out.

Trend #1 – The Just-Picked, English Garden Look

One gorgeous trend for summer 2015 is the just-picked, English garden look for bouquets. Instead of having bridal bouquets of a single flower or a massive rose bouquet, this trend involves choosing a group of softly-colored flowers that look like they’ve just been picked from the garden. Great choices for this look include tulips, garden roses, and sweet peas.

Trend #2 – Wearable Flower Crowns

Flowers aren’t just for your bridal bouquet. Wearable flower crowns are popular this summer, and they add a sense of whimsy to a wedding. Choose a flower crown that goes with the theme and feel of your wedding. You can choose a fuller crown made from hydrangeas and roses, or for a more delicate look, choose a crown made with delicate flowers, such as gypsophila.

Trend #3 – Elegant All-White Looks

For Idaho brides that want a clean, elegant look for their wedding, elegant, all-white bouquets are on trend. The combination of white flowers and green stems is classic. White calla lilies and white roses are both beautiful flowers to use if you want to use this trend.

Trend #4 – Hanging Blooms for the Reception

Flowers add romance and beauty to any reception venue, and hanging flowers are a hot trend for summer Idaho weddings. While hanging baskets of flowers are beautiful, consider filling beautiful glass bottles with blooms and hanging them from trees if you’re having an outdoor reception. The hanging blooms also make a gorgeous backdrop for your wedding photos.

June 1, 2015

Few decisions about your wedding will affect your family and guests so much as whether, and under what conditions, you invite their children.

Consider the Consequences
Should you choose not to invite children, it may prevent the parents of those children from attending. So you'll first have to decide if effectively dis-inviting those parents is something you want to do. Consider that your guests with children may not have childcare options available to them. This is especially true if they have to travel from out of town to attend. Keep in mind that the parents of children who are not invited may have to go to some trouble to arrange for the care of their children, so it would be kind to announce your intention to have a kid-free wedding as early as possible.

Is it Acceptable Not to Invite Children?Children at Weddings
If your wedding is very formal, or if it takes place in the evening, it would seem natural for children not to attend. Less formal and daytime weddings would pose a challenge in not inviting children and could be taken as an affront to the parents of those children. Similarly, if your wedding is taking place at a resort location, the location itself may not be child-friendly. If you have your heart set on a wedding type that would be best without children, you should address the invitations explicitly. They should state precisely who is invited, and it should be made clear that it is the type of ceremony you're having that makes children inadmissible – and not the children themselves.

Is it Realistic?
It depends on how big your guest list is. If you have a large family and are inviting everyone, chances are you won't be able to realistically restrict children from attending. And honestly, if you're hosting a large event, expecting children to be absent would seem strange and unnatural. If, however, you are having a small, formal, remote, or unusual wedding – it would be surprising to find children on the guest list of such an event.

There are, of course, middle-ground solutions to the question of whether to invite children. Subsequent posts will deal with that in greater detail. For now, keep in mind that the most important thing is to make your plans and announcements as early as possible to make sure your guests know what to expect and to avoid setting up any unnecessary turbulence for your ceremony.

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