April 2015

May 1, 2015

Idaho offers many beautiful outdoor venue options, from gorgeous mountain settings to whimsical barn backdrops. Idaho brides can enjoy taking their summer wedding outdoors with one of the following unique, outdoor wedding venues.

Brundage Mountain Resort

Brundage Mountain Resort, set in beautiful McCall, ID, offers a stunning mountain view that many Idaho brides love. If you want an outdoor wedding with a natural, beautiful backdrop, this majestic area is the perfect venue. You can choose to have the ceremony on the lawn with a mountain backdrop, natural spring pond, and beautiful mountain wildflowers, or choose the breathtaking summit venue with incredible views of mountain lakes and nearby mountaintops.

Idaho Botanical Gardens

Located in Boise, ID, the Idaho Botanical Gardens provides a naturally beautiful venue to consider for your Idaho wedding. At the base of the Boise foothills, the Garden offers many different specialty gardens from which to choose for your perfect day. The venue offers plenty of free parking and the Bride’s and Groom’s dressing rooms are included.

Crossings Winery

Settled in Glenns Ferry, ID, Crossings Winery gives brides the chance to have a wedding among beautiful vineyards, a gazebo, and a chateau styled winery building. Not only does the venue offer a gorgeous backdrop for a summer wedding, the on-site restaurant offers delicious food options for the wedding reception.

Riverview Mill Ranch

Set in the gorgeous prairie of Northern Idaho, this picturesque ranch is surrounded by lovely pine trees and foothills. The five acres of land offer excellent views of Mica Peak and Mt Spokane. Enjoy an outdoor Idaho wedding under the ranch’s large gazebo area or choose the wide-open backyard space for a large, outdoor ceremony.

The Hitchin’ Barn

Brides that want an outdoor, country wedding will love the Hitchin’ Barn, a unique outdoor venue in Blancard, ID that offers country charm and vintage elegance. Enjoy an outdoor wedding with the rustic barn as the backdrop and then dance the night away with a reception inside the charming barn.

April 28, 2015

If you will be an Idaho bride in the not so distant future, looking for entertainment to keep your guests moving on the dance floor is very important. No one wants to go to a wedding where the DJ plays the wrong type of music, causing uncomfortable boring times during the reception. Here are a few tips to use when selecting your disc jockey.

Interview several different DJs in the Idaho area where you plan on marrying. Have your introduction written on a piece of paper and ask each DJ to read it as they would if you were going to walk in the door for the first time. If the disc jockey seems embarrassed to do this, they are not the one you are looking for. A boring or meek disc jockey is not as exciting as having someone who can handle which direction the party is going to take. The disc jockey you hire will make or break your reception. If they are not outgoing, people will not get on the dance floor. The DJ is the one that coaxes people into starting the dances and the one that keeps them on the floor.

Ask potential DJs what type of sound system they intend to use. A professional disc jockey will bring their own lighting system and will have props to give to guests for certain songs. Some DJs will also be able to play karaoke if this is something you would like at your wedding. Ask disc jockeys about their music library and if they are able to take requests. When you find the right DJ, make sure you give them a list of song requests that you would like played (and not played) at your wedding so they will have time to prepare.

April 15, 2015

Victorian themed weddings are all about the grace and class; they are destined to include romantic gestures and dainty elements. If you are an Idaho bride who adores lots of lace, fine floral china and plenty of gorgeous smelling roses, a Victorian wedding is the ideal choice for your special day. There are few, if any, periods in history that are more romantic than the Victorian era. When planning your Victorian themed Idaho wedding, you will need to start considering all the things that evoke elegance and romance, so here are some tips to help you get started with the planning of your special day. Don't forget to add us to your schedule but in the meantime, here are some tips to keep in mind.

The Venue

When selecting the venue, think nostalgic. Victorians adored fountains, statues and colorful gardens, so a botanical garden is a great choice for a Victorian themed Idaho wedding. If you prefer an indoor venue, consider a ballroom that is drenched in jewel-toned colors, a historic Inn with antique furnishings or a Victorian history museum.

Dressing the Part

One of the most fun parts of a Victorian wedding is the clothing. Early Victorians wore white gowns with a fitted bodice and a full skirt worn over a hoop and petticoat. Gowns were made with lots of lace, silk, tulle and linen; the Idaho Bridal Show is a great place to find ideas on Victorian inspired wedding gowns as well as the perfect Victorian inspired attire for the groom.

The Flowers

Although the primary Victorian flower is roses, other flowers, such as tulips, hyacinths and/or pansies will also provide a romantic feel to your Victorian wedding. The Victorian bridal bouquets were arranged in a nosegay style and should include flowers with meaning. For example, Victorians believed that orchids were the symbol of true love and daisies represent innocence.

The Decor

One of the most important elements to include in the decorations of a Victorian themed wedding is antique lace and flowers. Fine china and teacup place settings should be used and the tables covered in romantic lace and floor length tablecloths. You will need to include lots of white candles (of all sizes) and vases of fresh flowers.

Wedding Party and Guest Favors

When it comes time to thank your wedding party, consider giving your bridesmaids a period style gift, such as an engraved locket or a silver comb and your maid of honor would love a cameo necklace. There is a wide range of options to choose from for your guest favors, such as homemade shortbread cookies, individual size jars of fresh jam or an ornate Victorian paper fan.

To end your special day in the perfect Victorian fashion, change into your traveling clothes and ride off in an ornate, horse drawn carriage. Part of the fun of a Victorian themed wedding is the planning. The Idaho Wedding Show is a great place to talk with florists who specialize in creating Victorian themed wedding flower arrangements, view various Victorian inspired wedding gowns and to simply enjoy being an Idaho bride.

April 1, 2015

Be In the Know

Idaho is a community property state. When estate planning a will, only half of separate property can be distributed as a living trust, and half the marital property given away at time of death. Review the rules to second marriage estate planning in Idaho, and offers insight into prenuptial agreement.

Community Property in Idaho State

The designation of community property in Idaho State in a prenuptial agreement enables a couple binding assets in a second marriage the option of naming beneficiaries for distribution at time of death. The formation of a trust or will establishes the legal ownership of those assets considered to be separate or marital property. Separate property includes all real property or other property owned prior to marriage. While assets can be left to any designated beneficiary up to 50 percent, property acquired post-nuptial is automatically considered to be ownership of the spouse. Joint-tenancy with rights of survivorship ensures that real property title transfers to the living spouse. Revocable trust accounts are a way of assigning beneficiaries entitlement to property and other assets; thus releasing ownership of the spouse.  

Why a Prenuptial Agreement?

The decision to form a prenuptial agreement to control the transfer of property at time of death is a common election by parties entering into a second marriage. Community property and elective share rights are superseded by prenuptial contract. A prenuptial agreement ensures that assets are protected for children or other family members. Idaho allows for a party to include business ownership in a prenuptial agreement; reverting those interests to partners or family. Estate planners offer a word of precaution: prenuptial agreements waive the respective rights of a spouse to their deceased counterpart’s property, making it nearly impossible for those assets to be transferred if their loved one dies. For more information and access to forms, please click on the links below:



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