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April 1, 2015

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Idaho is a community property state. When estate planning a will, only half of separate property can be distributed as a living trust, and half the marital property given away at time of death. Review the rules to second marriage estate planning in Idaho, and offers insight into prenuptial agreement.

Community Property in Idaho State

The designation of community property in Idaho State in a prenuptial agreement enables a couple binding assets in a second marriage the option of naming beneficiaries for distribution at time of death. The formation of a trust or will establishes the legal ownership of those assets considered to be separate or marital property. Separate property includes all real property or other property owned prior to marriage. While assets can be left to any designated beneficiary up to 50 percent, property acquired post-nuptial is automatically considered to be ownership of the spouse. Joint-tenancy with rights of survivorship ensures that real property title transfers to the living spouse. Revocable trust accounts are a way of assigning beneficiaries entitlement to property and other assets; thus releasing ownership of the spouse.  

Why a Prenuptial Agreement?

The decision to form a prenuptial agreement to control the transfer of property at time of death is a common election by parties entering into a second marriage. Community property and elective share rights are superseded by prenuptial contract. A prenuptial agreement ensures that assets are protected for children or other family members. Idaho allows for a party to include business ownership in a prenuptial agreement; reverting those interests to partners or family. Estate planners offer a word of precaution: prenuptial agreements waive the respective rights of a spouse to their deceased counterpart’s property, making it nearly impossible for those assets to be transferred if their loved one dies. For more information and access to forms, please click on the links below:

March 15, 2015

When it comes to having a sandy wedding, you probably don't think that Idaho has much to offer.  Truth is, though, there are more than a few sandy beaches in the state of Idaho that are perfect for hosting a wedding,like Priest Lake or Shore Lodge in McCall.  Do keep in mind, though, that there are several tips to follow to ensure your sandy wedding is all you've ever dreamed of.
1) Let the guests know ahead of time

First of all, you'll want to let your guests know that the wedding will be held on a beach, and make sure to write on the invitations that flip flops are welcome.  After all, you don't want your guests showing up in high heels and loafers as this will result in lots of unhappy guests.  
2) Leave your high heels at home too

If you've always dreamed of getting married in a pair of high heels, you might want to rethink a sandy wedding.  Heels don't match well with sand. In fact, it'll probably be best if you go barefoot.  
3) Keep the food away from the sand

If you have drinks or food being served at the wedding, make sure to keep it off the sand.  Not only does this ensure the sand doesn't touch what you're serving, but it also makes sure that no food tables fall over due to the sand shifting.  
4) Hire an experienced photographer

Taking pictures indoor is completely different than taking them on a sandy beach, and this is why you'll want to hire a photographer who has much experience in taking photographs outdoors.

March 1, 2015

The runaways of the Spring bridal shows highlight the trends in wedding dresses for 2015. While every year elicit a thrum of excitement for the wedding season ahead, the cutting edge and creative presentations trotted out this year promise to make hearts beat just a bit faster. Below is a round-up of the trends in wedding dresses you can expect to see on the most fashionable brides during the upcoming year.
An Explosion of Colors

Of course white is the traditional wedding gown color -- followed closely by its cousin, ivory -- but this year's offerings provide fun and adventurous brides with the opportunity to add a little color to their day while still looking elegant. Mint green joins other colors like shades of blue and gray to infuse a added bit of joy into the day.
The Necklines Have It

It is really not that big of a leap from cap sleeves and the one-shoulder wedding dress to the off-the-shoulder options that dominate collections for this year. Want a sleeve but don't like the fully-covered look? The draped shoulder dress is both trendy and romantic, making it the perfect choice.
Convertible Skirts Add Depth and Versatility

With the addition of convertible skirts -- tulle was a favorite material -- brides can cut a whimsical and playful figure while still maintaining their romantic and fashionable air.
Collars = Elegance and Sophistication

A natural extension of necklines come lacy collars that add to the classy look of this season's wedding dresses. Indeed, it's a look suited for royalty.
Make a Statement With a Cape

Covering the shoulders is nothing new but this trend of adding capes to wedding dresses to do so is. Brides can choose from full and sweeping capes that swath them in mystery or light and filmy numbers that create an illusion.

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