February 2015

March 1, 2015

The runaways of the Spring bridal shows highlight the trends in wedding dresses for 2015. While every year elicit a thrum of excitement for the wedding season ahead, the cutting edge and creative presentations trotted out this year promise to make hearts beat just a bit faster. Below is a round-up of the trends in wedding dresses you can expect to see on the most fashionable brides during the upcoming year.
An Explosion of Colors

Of course white is the traditional wedding gown color -- followed closely by its cousin, ivory -- but this year's offerings provide fun and adventurous brides with the opportunity to add a little color to their day while still looking elegant. Mint green joins other colors like shades of blue and gray to infuse a added bit of joy into the day.
The Necklines Have It

It is really not that big of a leap from cap sleeves and the one-shoulder wedding dress to the off-the-shoulder options that dominate collections for this year. Want a sleeve but don't like the fully-covered look? The draped shoulder dress is both trendy and romantic, making it the perfect choice.
Convertible Skirts Add Depth and Versatility

With the addition of convertible skirts -- tulle was a favorite material -- brides can cut a whimsical and playful figure while still maintaining their romantic and fashionable air.
Collars = Elegance and Sophistication

A natural extension of necklines come lacy collars that add to the classy look of this season's wedding dresses. Indeed, it's a look suited for royalty.
Make a Statement With a Cape

Covering the shoulders is nothing new but this trend of adding capes to wedding dresses to do so is. Brides can choose from full and sweeping capes that swath them in mystery or light and filmy numbers that create an illusion.

February 15, 2015

While your wedding is the star attraction of the day, your reception will be a close second. It gives you a chance to mingle more with your guests and have some fun celebrating your special day. Make sure your reception goes as smoothly as your wedding by making sure you pack these top items before you leave your house.
Guest Book and Writing Utensils

Make sure to pick up a guest book and the appropriate writing utensils so that your wedding guests can pen a greeting for you to treasure as a memory of the day. While you can pick out a guest book when you purchase your invitations, you can also buy one at any point before the big day. Make sure you pick out a special set of keepsake writing utensils as well.
Device Chargers

Whether you are planning to bring your iPod, cell phone or digital camera to your wedding, make sure you pack your charger. Even if you don't think you will be taking pictures or listening to music with your device, you never know when an impromptu opportunity to capture a priceless memory will come up or when you will want to show off something saved on your iPod.
Change of Clothes and Shoes

No matter how gorgeous your wedding dress is, chances are you are going to want to change out of it at some point during your reception. Wearing comfortable shoes and clothes helps you relax and enjoy time with your guests more. Your wedding dress is also protected from any spills from food or drink, too.
Wedding Favors

These small presents from you to your guests are not required, of course, but wedding favors can bring a fun touch to your wedding. They also give your guests a memento of your special day while also reflecting your personality.

The above four must-haves will help you enjoy your wedding reception even more. Be sure to toss them in a bag before you head out the door.

February 1, 2015

When Valentine's Day rolls around, you may not know what to get your significant other.  Here are a few things you can do for your sweetie that will not break the bank and still be romantic.
Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

A lot of men enjoy celebrating Valentine's Day, and if your sweetie is one of them, there are a few things you can do to make the day special.  I love you apparel may seem corny, but it's a cute way of showing you care, and they look cute in the clothing!  Custom-made treats are the best.  Bake a cake or prepare a special meal with a lovely message from you to the love of your life.  This can be a fool-proof plan!  If you don't feel like cooking or baking, you can purchase food from his favorite restaurant or bakery.  A custom shaving kit or personalized gym bag makes a great gift.

Reservations at a restaurant or hotel are always nice and don't have to spend a fortune to have a great time.  Sometimes it's nice to get away from the hustle and bustle of work and other things in your routine life to breathe fresh air and relax for a little while.  This is a good time to get to know each more on a personal level and spend quality time.  You can take pictures and create memories that will last forever.  

Pleasing your sweetie is not as difficult as you may think.  The truth is, you can't put a price on love.  You don't have to spend money to spend quality time and have a wondering time together.  A walk in the park or on the beach is more romantic than you can imagine.  Gifts that come from the heart are the ones that mean the most.

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