January 2015

February 1, 2015

When Valentine's Day rolls around, you may not know what to get your significant other.  Here are a few things you can do for your sweetie that will not break the bank and still be romantic.
Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

A lot of men enjoy celebrating Valentine's Day, and if your sweetie is one of them, there are a few things you can do to make the day special.  I love you apparel may seem corny, but it's a cute way of showing you care, and they look cute in the clothing!  Custom-made treats are the best.  Bake a cake or prepare a special meal with a lovely message from you to the love of your life.  This can be a fool-proof plan!  If you don't feel like cooking or baking, you can purchase food from his favorite restaurant or bakery.  A custom shaving kit or personalized gym bag makes a great gift.

Reservations at a restaurant or hotel are always nice and don't have to spend a fortune to have a great time.  Sometimes it's nice to get away from the hustle and bustle of work and other things in your routine life to breathe fresh air and relax for a little while.  This is a good time to get to know each more on a personal level and spend quality time.  You can take pictures and create memories that will last forever.  

Pleasing your sweetie is not as difficult as you may think.  The truth is, you can't put a price on love.  You don't have to spend money to spend quality time and have a wondering time together.  A walk in the park or on the beach is more romantic than you can imagine.  Gifts that come from the heart are the ones that mean the most.

January 15, 2015

No wedding is complete without the elegance and grandeur of a wedding cake. In many cases, the wedding cake may be three, four, or more tiers tall, and it is often a velvetly-smooth white centerpiece for the event. This refined and beautiful aspect of weddings has roots dating back for centuries, and the tradition of the wedding cake may surprise you.
Why A Traditional White Wedding Cake?

Throughout history, white has been the color of purity, love, and virginity. The wedding cake developed initially as the bride's cake. For many years in medieval times, bride's cakes and groom's cakes were often only symbols rather than actual, edible pieces of a wedding. Only the top tier would be eaten by the groom and bride, and it was routinely made out of a bread, therefore signifying the breaking of the bride's purity. As time passed, the bread-constructed cake developed into a groom's cake--often a dark, fruit-cake, and a bride's cake. The groom's cake fell out of tradition and was replaced by the bride's cake, which was commonly a pound-cake. It wasn't until the 16th century that the tiers began to have pillars between them, which signified the balance that all marriages must go through. Interestingly, the pillars also represented the bride's supplication to the groom.

In America, brides would place a glass or wooden ring within the cake, and the bride would be the only person to cut and distribute the cake. Additionally, women were the primary persons who would partake in eating the cake as it was a symbol of fertility and finding a husband. The maiden who found the ring in her piece of the cake would become the next believed person to get married, which is equal to our current tossing of the bouquet tradition.

In addition to the purity standards and hope for a family, traditional white wedding cakes stood as a status symbol. The brilliant white icings were only attainable to those who had the capital to pay for the extensively refined sugars, such as powdered sugar. The white icing became known as "royal icing" when Queen Elizabeth ordered the creation of her own wedding cake.

As the centuries have passed, our wedding traditions have grown from a vast number of influences. What was once the most-fertile and fortunate aspect of the wedding--the wedding cake--has changed into the tossing of the bouquet, which actually comes from Greek tradition involving the goddess Hera and the Apple of Discord. When you start planning your wedding, you might think about breaking from the mold of towering wedding cakes made of the most delicate sugars, or you might stick tradition. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge opted for a fruit cake in their wedding, but thankfully, we no longer have to follow what everyone else wants. As the one getting married, you get to make decisions, and your dream will be perfect.

January 4, 2015

Bridal shows provide you with a great way to meet local vendors, do some price comparisons, check out current wedding trends and gather ideas for planning your special day. You’ll also have a chance to win prizes and ooh and ahh at the latest bridal fashions. It’s not enough to just show up on the day of the show with no prior planning, though. Use the following tips to make sure you get the most out of a bridal show.

Don’t Be Timid

This is your chance to ask vendors any questions you have, whether you’re trying to figure out how big of a cake to order or wondering if any local photographers offer black and white photo options. Not sure what flowers would look best in your bridal bouquet? Chat with local florists about your wedding colors or theme and ask them for suggestions. Don’t forget to jot down notes on your phone or in a notebook.

Save Time with Adhesive Address Labels

If you’re planning on registering for prizes or other special offers from local vendors, print out some adhesive address labels and bring them with you. These labels should have your name, address and wedding date on them. This saves you from having to write down this info at each booth, so you can enjoy more of the show.

Don’t Go Alone

If your fiancee can come with you, this is your ideal bridal show companion option. You and your fiancee can take a big step forward in planning your wedding by gathering info from DJs, videographers, bakeries and more. If your fiancee can’t come, take a friend, your maid of honor or your mom with you. Having someone there with you means you have someone to give you a second opinion or to bounce ideas off of.

January 1, 2015

The groom is ready, the ring is sparkling, and the date is set. Now the wedding planning begins!

Juggling the details of a wedding can be overwhelming. But don't pull your hair out. You will need it in your pictures! Here are 5 apps that will be life-savers in keeping you organized and on track with your wedding plans.

#1: Wedding Happy-Wedding Planner (FREE)

You simply input the date of your nuptials, and this handy app builds a customize-able to-do list with suggested due dates.It will send you notifications to keep you on track, and offers a handy dashboard so you can check your progress at any time.

#2: Wedding LookBook by The Knot (FREE)

This app is a fantastic tool for the busy bride-to-be in helping to choose a wedding dress. Search the hottest wedding dress styles, and snag a list of salons that sells them with this app.  You can shop for bridesmaid, flower girl, and mother of the bride dresses as well.

#3: Wedding Budget Calculator (2.99)

Make certain you are staying within your budget and monitoring those precious dollars! Easily track your expenditures and monitor overall spending to date.

#4: CapsuleCam (FREE)

This photo app is the easiest way for groups of friends and family to share their photos in one album. This is a fantastic way to capture all of the day's magic from many points of view.

#5: Pinterest (FREE)

Pinterest is a social media site where people share ideas. Check out wedding cake, flowers, and photograph ideas, and save the ones you like to your profile. This is a can't live without app for the bride-to-be during wedding planning.

Now make your life easier and start downloading these apps today!

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